Pwenfepa, I share your sentiment like the other three posters...

Toussaint - March 22 2011, 3:49 PM


I share your sentiment like the other three posters on here that Michel may not have the academic credentials and political experience to be commander in chief, but he represents the best hope for a change in Haiti.

I have nothing against Mrs. Manigat and I think she is an outstanding lady and would perhaps be a good president for Haiti, but I don't believe her time is now. Haiti right now needs a president that is strong-will, and will not just put people in places because they are friends, family members, or stacked with academic credentials.

Trust me, by no means am I attempting to lower the value or significance of academic credentials, but that is not the only thing that matters.

Titid seems more wittily bold and competent than Mrs. Manigat, but what did he do for the country?

Though, both of his terms in office experienced coup d'etats, but he had ample of times to make a change or make things a bit better for the people and the country.

It's a damn shame! The man seems so capable and fit the bill to be a great commander in chief.

I do hope Michel wins so he can keep the three evil super powers out of our affairs.

They are a whole bunch of phonies and pretenders.

They want to see Haiti continues to be a failed state.

Especially, the traitors of them all, the americans.

We helped them gain independence from the British, but they turned around and imposed a 60 year embargo on Haiti along with the western powers.

Excluded Haiti from the world trade, while she was paying retribution to the french.

This what crippled our country and she hasn't been able to recover since with the help of course of those orchestrated coup d'etats by the u.s., france and canada.

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We all know Michel Martelly won,but being that we're...


Congradulation Mr President

mr President i congradulate you and i hope u do best for haiti,the youth support you please help them have a hope that...

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