Congradulation Mr President

Samuel - March 21 2011, 11:09 AM

mr President i congradulate you and i hope u do best for haiti, the youth support you please help them have a hope that they will be safe and have some education to serve the country back.Good luck Me President

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Serge Baguidy says...

yes congratulations are in order. It was long overdue that we have someone not from the existing political circle who have done nothing but... more »

Pwenfepa says...

We all know Michel Martelly won,but being that we're dealing with Haiti,we're waiting to see what kind of shenanigans the so-called electoral... more »

Jacques Bernard says...

How will the CEP get out of the country if they mess with the people's votes. It does not matter what the CEP come up with, the people have voted... more »

Toussaint says...

Pwenfepa, I share your sentiment like the other three posters on here that Michel may not have the academic credentials and political experience to... more »