We all know Michel Martelly won, but being that we're dealing...

Pwenfepa - March 22 2011, 11:31 AM

We all know Michel Martelly won, but being that we're dealing with Haiti, we're waiting to see what kind of shenanigans the so-called electoral council(CEP) is going to come up with. Because our institutions are not credible, because we don't take ourselves seriously, because we do not respect ourselves, that is why our country is such a basket case. Why is it that the United States with 320 million people can come up with elections results less than one hour after people voted while we, a country of 10 million, with internet access and so forth, we have to wait two weeks to know who won when we all know it's all a big sham to play games with the people's vote?

What a sorry country, no wonder millions of us are abroad with no plans to go back in such a place with no rule of law, no discipline, no security, no respect for hardworking people in the diaspora who send back a couple of billions dollars a year, no hope, no nothing.

Martelly, no matter what a bad boy he is, is probably this country's last best hope, since he will inspire people to be better citizens and work with everybody to get this country out of hell. The only reason Martelly is going to be the President is because the traditionnal politicians have been failing this country for the last 200 years and never delivered.

Is Martelly the best Haitian to be President?

Certainly no, but everybody else with political experience is so corrupted that the people want somebody with a new approach, new blood, new ideas, to stop the nonsense and try something different.

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yes congratulations are in order. It was long overdue...


Congradulation Mr President

mr President i congradulate you and i hope u do best for haiti,the youth support you please help them have a hope that...

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How will the CEP get out of the country if they mess...

Pwenfepa, I share your sentiment like the other three...

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