King Kino is a broke washed out Hater. His opinion is...

Jynee - March 18 2011, 2:26 AM

King Kino is a broke washed out Hater.

His opinion is meaningless! Valerio is a down-low hater, he tried to pretend objectivity while showing this old Martelly videos.

He can't even express himself, how can he can he hate on Michel plan by just saying oh he can't do it. that's why Haiti hasn't move forward because of idiots like kino who don't think we can do anything.

if that moron knew anything about the UN education cluster plan, Michel plan match that education Plan, the funds are there.

it's just idiot like preval don't know how to coodinate the NGOs. Martelly people's read so they know that the funds are available so allthey have to do work with those people to start the program and tax bolette to sustain the plan.

So within 5 years, there will be free elementary school for all kids. so when the plan come to past Michel will get the credit and the idiots will just sit there looking dumb!

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