Mitch, Aristide thrive on morons like you because you lack the...

Jynee - March 18 2011, 3:06 AM


Aristide thrive on morons like you because you lack the capacity to do basic analysis.

all you hear is USA and France bad and you stand up and applaud.

but you are not smart enough to question the man who utter the statement and wonder why then did he beg the evil white man and put an embargo that destroyed your country's economy.

why did he bow down to the white man and sign all his neo-liberal policies that destroy you country agricultural sector.

why did he sell off the state owned industry to the white man?

why did he allow canado to explore haiti gold and bauxite mines?

Why did he implement all those horrible policies and not build one university, not one highway?

Why did you sell Haiti so cheap to the white man mr Aristide?

Why did you turn over your homeboy jacque Ketant to the white man, the man who baptise your daughter?why do you preach against the bourgois mulatre and turned around and marry one!

Mitch wap ranse epi gen le ou pa menm kon ki moun ki aristide la?

Mitch get some knowledge then step up to me. until then, demaske sou mwen tande.

al fe choul aristide paske se imbecil parey ou Aristide renmen paske ou pa gen ase intelijans pou ou kesione met ou Aristide.

Mwen menm Aristide pa ka bloffe'm mwen te pase lekol, gras a Dieu, I can differentiate from what someone say and what someone does. I know that talk is cheap, your actions reflects your principles! by Aristide actions, he was willing to be the white man's restavek.

he was such a choul that he hired white americans security a million a month to protect him. why do you think it was so easy to get him on a plane, when pus come to shove, his white securities pull back and so he had no protection from guy phillipe and chamblain so li rele met li voye yon avion pou li!

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jynee? Did you take your med? what were you talking...

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