If aristide hear you said that he is not a restavek and...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - March 18 2011, 1:27 AM

If aristide hear you said that he is not a restavek and tissoussou you would not be his friend anymore.

He knows far well if it wasn't for mr. blan and the military that backed him up to return in Haiti he will only burn tires in people's neck alive.

God hate liars and opportunists, Yes Michel Martelly will be president, it is his right to be govern with respect and dignity for all Haitians.

We can learn to debate one another to achieve the hreatest satisfaction for our people and country.

Aristide is a Haitian citizen, and shall be able to live in his country like any citizen, but no free pass for himm; therefore, his politcal time is out of calendar.

Since he can not be a priest anymore, willing not to be a Pastor; he might then choose to be a Bocor or Sikonzo.

Remember I love you despite everything different.

Why not any body fighting to get Jesus.

whicked souls repent you drink too much blood; God needs you soul and spirit.

I don't have anything against Aristide I voted for him for manipulating my people who are dying of starvation and living in misery while his living habit is in the million and the poor are on the street or abroad fighting for him ignorantly.

That is the problem in the mentality of my Haitian people.

I don't care if they are doctors, lawyers, professioanls etc., the smartest person is the one whom is able to make the difference between God and devil with satanic orientation.

God loves you so do I.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

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well everyone in here that hate aristide can kiss his...

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