Mr. William D. Jusme, I must compliment on your message...

Neg Maron - March 14 2011, 8:23 PM

Mr. William D. Jusme,

I must compliment on your message, because i think it was good reading with a lot of relevant and important points.

I do not agree with it entirely, but it is the kind of message that the we need.

I disagree with that measures that are in place in regard to buying land in Haiti; what i mean is that we are a nation of 9 millions and soon to be 10, and selling our lands for quick fixes is not a good idea.
The horeigners have quick capital, and they can buy our land very cheap.

In buying our lands we will have less to cultivate in time to feed our nation, and this will tighten our dependence on foreign imports.

Plus, the ones who own the land are the ones who are going to going to have the greatest impact on the political life of the country as that relates to its social structure.

We should lease our land to foreigners, but not sell it - Haiti is one of the countries that should not sell its land to foreigners.

We should lease to non-haitian citizens and sell to Haitian citizens - diaspora or in-country.

If you sell your land without control, you will sell have no land that belongs to Haiti.

I am sure you see where i am heading.

One thing that i like to focus on is that we have about 13,000 MINUSTHA troops in Haiti who are getting the basic monthly pay of about 1500 US dollars from our government.

That's 13,000 x 1,500 = $19,500,000 a month or 234,000,000 a year
If Michel were to start a Force of 45,000 members at 300 US dollars each per month that would equal to 19,500,000 a month.

That is 45,000 young men and women working and taking care of their families, and to be used as first responders during a National Emergency.

Of the 45,000 a third can be under the National Police.

Pay grades can be debated, but serving Haiti should be the motivation and how much the pay is. I can see security being a big ticket item here, whereby tourist and the diaspora would travel home often and spend at their leisure.

Right after we can talk about a public Sanitation Program and school.

It all start with security and stability, which promotes peace.

I am a bid believer in an Armed Force that is discipline and loyal to the people and not to a political ideology, as we had in the past.

Like i said, i like your message and i hope you did not mind this little intervention.

I am a US Veteran and Proud Haitian American.

God Bless!

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