Wow! People in This blog must be playing the insanity defense...

Mitch - March 14 2011, 8:34 PM

Wow! People in This blog must be playing the insanity defense.

It shows how "chimere" those Martellyists are, oh no! Nobody will call them chimere because the fellow they are supporting is a light skin idiot with no sense policy nor politics.

your idea of love of country is similar to Newt Gingricht love of country.

That love makes say and do stupid and evil things.

How do you explain: for love of country an Haitian man should stay out his country?

It is strange that in a country where the illiteracy rate is so high you would want fight to ban somebody who has built schools, university and hospital before he ascended to power and even after he was out of power.

Can you folks think before you type. When I read your stupid wisdoms I think this blog should have a general disclaimer that reads like this: Surgeon general says, reading and believing every idiot in this blog may be hazardous to your mental and emotional health.

You will sound smarter when you learn to make a distinction between your imaginary common sense and that of other who separate what they would like from what is an individual personal right.

You are partnering with some international criminals who only seek to hide their dubious deeds.

Oh no they have no respect for you they will not apologize for their action.

They have you to perpetuate their lies and deceptions.

What have they ever said that you did not believe?

Pretty soon they will tell your illiterate mothers and your junky brothers caused WW2 and you will not take time to ask Question.

You will simply take to the street and ask they be put in a plane and sent somewhere in Africa.

Wake up idiots of this world.

Sorry for sounding rude.
To the so called friends ( enemies) of Haiti Martelly maybe a useful idiot but to most Haitians Aristide is a useful giant.

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