A gentleman asked a question to Martelly regarding his houses...

William D Jusme - March 14 2011, 7:33 PM

A gentleman asked a question to Martelly regarding his houses that are in foreclosure.

This is a crisis in the Real Estate Industry in the USA. A lot of smart people, great investors and banks face this crisis.

This is not something that investors had control over. I think it would be stupid to pay for a house that drops in value by over 70% in most cases.

Great fighters retreat to regroup and come back stronger.

Only narrow minded people see things as a oneway street.

We are great because of our ability to make tuff decisions.

I would say to Mikky keep your composure, start acting presidential and surround yourself with qualified people.

We, in the Diaspora, will do our part. I know I will do mine at least

The intellectuals do not get our country anywhere in the last 50 years.

Our constitution is full of bullet holes and our own Language Creole is full of bullet holes.

The era of the past must be over. My Haitians people let

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