I do not understand to those who said not to form an Army in...

Soule - March 12 2011, 8:17 PM

I do not understand to those who said not to form an Army in Haiti while they are paying minustah and women are getting rape day and night, kidnapping daily.Some of us want to go back home to invest but we are scare for our safety.

Since I have been in that site you keep going back in forth with the same old story about Mr Martelly, if you want to vote for Mrs Manigat go for it otherwise stop those none sense.One thing for sure we can not close our eyes anymore, no matter what Mr Martelly already made history just thing about it.3/4 of people in Haiti choose Mr Martelly for their next president while you are talking and ask yourself did I help someone who is in need today?

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Soule, From what i understand every regular soldier...

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