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Wapsuiv - March 13 2011, 8:02 AM

From what i understand every regular soldier of MINUSTHA (around 12,000 of them) is being paid between 1200 and 1500 US dollars a month by the Haitian government.

They eat and drink free, while they have access to all of our beaches.

At this price, with Michel Martelly as our President, we can hire 7 Haitian young men and women at around 150 US dollars a month to serve their country.

That is around 40,000 Haitian families doing well and protecting their country as they are ready to help in time of natural disaster.

Or, we can build roads going to nowhere and buildings with empty minds in them and keep MINUSTHA for the next 207 years.

as we continue to depend on the Dominican Republic, the US, France, Canada and other nations to wipe our asses for us after we go the bathroom in our public places.

En Avant!

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