I agree with the article, and we could use her education in...

Josy - March 12 2011, 6:35 PM

I agree with the article, and we could use her education in the school system.

I am hoping, and praying for Mr. Martelly.

I do not know him, or Mrs. Manigat personally and have no special interests in the outcome of this election.

I do not have anything against her, and she should be given a nice position in Martelly's administration.

I want Mr. Aristide, and Mr. J.C. Duvalier to also participate in the reconstruction.

I wish the entire diaspora could return home, and built up the country.

Haiti needs a strong, healthy, though, and young man to run it now. Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly is a man with a vision, and ahead of his time. He has plans for the first 100 days, and is very serious about them. He wants to work with the farmers, so we can feed ourselves and stop making the Dominican Republic very rich.

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