Aristide Will Be Killed By CIA's Agents In Haiti If Returned Before The Ele

Samba - March 16 2011, 7:30 PM

If he decides to return before March 20, 20111 he will be killed by a paid hitman in Haiti.

He needs to return after the elections by March 22, 2011. In Washington, the CIA's agents who handcuffed Aristide told the Obama's administration that he would be a threat for the elections.

We suggest him to return after the elections he does not want to be killed as planned by the CIA's hitmen in Haiti.

Aristide, two days will not kill you, I am warning as you reading my comments to wisely postpone your return to 48 hours.

I don't want you to be responsible for any political trouble in that stupid campaign.

Please do not let those criminals kill you like that. Aristide, I am warning you life is better than death.

Come back on March 22, 2011. Please, please and please we want you and we need you!

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L Union Fait La Force says...

mr samba beleive me no one can kill aristide in haiti if someone told u that tell them they full of kaka more »