Mirlande Manigat Radio Mega Interview, "Zero Bare" a man writes on Facebook

Did you have a chance to listen to Mirlande Manigat's interview on Florida's Radio Mega recently? If so, I need you to comment on it but first... Read this harsh comment posted on Facebook about her interview to 'Carrefour' with host Alex Saint Surin.

Dr. Mirlande Manigat

by (on Facebook)
Monday, March 7, 2011 at 6:13pm

Translated from French - I just listened to an hour Madame Manigat on radio mega 1700 am. For one hour, I listened carefully, and I am disappointed.

The first question asked by Alex Saint Surin was:

"What would you accomplish in the first 100 days of your administration?"


Mrs Manigat has NOT ONE solution for the problems of this country. Everything she says is just a litany (a recital) of problems that we are all victims of...

Even for education, she has no solution. We should pay attention to the private schools, she says.

What have they done the last thirty year, she and her husband?

I regret to say this but Ms. Manigat is just a continuation of Preval and others.


Please note: This is the opinion of a single person on the social networks... I'm getting grilled for it already... I brought this up purely for the sake of arguments


Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Did you hear the radio interview? what is your opinion?

Reply with your comments

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Richelle says...

Ou te rete lekol kote sa ou konnin la ou pedi yon fey crek pito kk

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Richelle says...

Oh oke I get you now, you are one of those cheap one that has kid for celestin uh.Se sak fe ou anrage konsa sou michel, se sak fe oudi ougen master ya.Se min bagay celestin te di tou wi, owi ligen master, se min nou minm nin.Bam chien, nou pap pase, relasion president sa pa pou nou ale fe bouzin as

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Richelle says...

Where did you get your master?oh ok from gro manman, kay

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Nancy says...

I am not paying attention to you. You are one of those Micky women and you know what i mean. I got a Master's degree and i don't need to speak to immoral

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Jynee says...


you joking right?

You want Celestin to be president of Haiti but you have issues with Martelly?

Celestin who got 13 kids that he doesn't take of and lied about his holding an engineering degree from a Swiss school?

Wow, I expected a bit more from

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Nancy says...

Yun vot pou Mirlande se yun vote pou espwa Ayiti nan 5an pou nou jwen Celestin ke OAS te met deyo. Vote pou MM Mirlande Mangigat pou nou ka gin INITE.

Se Lunion fait la force, se INITE nou bezoin.

Mirlande pren Aristide pu aidew nan edikasyon pou nou ka voye vakabon ti simone saa al jwe

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Nancy says...

di sa fo li pa jam rete lekol, tout lekol yo mete'l deyo pou

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Gui says...

tout moum kap kouri deye Matelly, se aveg yo ye?

sa matelly konn fe?

se chante l' konn chante.

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Nicolas Ronel says...


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Josy says...

I agree with the article, and we could use her education in the school system.

I am hoping, and praying for Mr. Martelly.

I do not know him, or Mrs. Manigat personally and have no special interests in the outcome of this election.

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Subject: Mirlande Manigat Radio Mega Interview, "Zero Bare" a man writes on Facebook edit

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