For the life of me -- born and raised in Haiti -- I cannot...

Fritzan - March 8 2011, 6:22 PM

For the life of me -- born and raised in Haiti -- I cannot understand how my fellow countrymen seem to resign themselves to this surreal situation where Jean-Claude "Baby-doc" Duvalier is comfortably back in Haiti while Jean-Bertrand Aristide is prevented from coming back to his native land.
Am I, are we we, supposed to believe that the man (who said "piti tig se tig") after he succeeded his dictator father, Papa Doc, -- who, as Khadafi in Libya is now doing, had promised "an Himalaya of Haitian corpses" -- is found more morally acceptable in Haitian society than J-B Aristide, the former freely elected, and still very (perhaps too) popular, president?


once again, in politics as in war, the first casualty is truth.

Thus, to paraphrase a popular song: "What has truth got to do with it?"

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