I do not understant it. Some people seem to depart from the...

Ronald - March 3 2011, 1:40 PM

I do not understant it.

Some people seem to depart from the subject in hand. I am for love & harmony for all man kind.

We in the diaspora we would like thie and that.

But you seem to not relize what a trouble and pein & suffering it will be in haiti with the return of Aristide for the moment.

Do not walk away from the reality put the wonderful dream to the side and look at the situation with objectivity.

Lavalas partisans are on the ready set to go one Jean Aristide put step on Haiti soil.Don't you think how much killings it is going to be overthere ?Please let the country get itself together and will talk about this later.

Remenber I said, Please!!!!

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Ronald, The mind of God created the Universe and all...

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