Ronald, The mind of God created the Universe and all its...

Ronald Altieri - March 3 2011, 1:21 PM

Ronald, The mind of God created the Universe and all its wonders to include the enerby of love, and love will keep God's creation flowing for eternity.

Mankind was created by the mind of God; therefore, a microspic portion of our mind is of godly energy.

Within our mind that energy is rooted in love, unless it was uprooted by the negative energy of satan.

If there is the will to keep the love of that engergy's light in our souls, then we will move towards harmony of love and of forgiveness.

If there is the will to promote the hate of that lack of energy in our souls, then we move toward the discordance of destruction and of vengeance.

Jesus said do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
Mahatma Gandhi said an eye for an will leave everybody blind.

Mother Theresa said let go and let god.

Reality starts in the mind with a thought followed by words put into actions.

What is in your mind?

What is in their minds?

Opinions do vary, friend, so do solutions.

What better solutions do you see. Your opinion is welcomed.

Again, i would like to see Jean-Claude and Jean-Bertrand shake hands, and Mirlande and Michel dance a little.

The 300,000 thousands who died on that January 12th and our ancestors would all smile and rejoice on such a day.

We all must dream, but you take away hope the universe becomes less.

Keep hope alive!

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Opinions vary.You want to see Jean Bertrand Aristide...

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