Aristide has the right and responsibility to come back home...

Ronald Altieri - March 3 2011, 10:39 AM

Aristide has the right and responsibility to come back home like any other Haitian anywhere in the world.

Haiti and its gevernment should be able to deal with any issue that concerns its moving forward in this atmosphere of change.

I want to see Jean-Claude shake hands with Jean-Bertrand, why not?

I want to see Mirlande dance with Michel, why not?

In this atmosphere of change, we need to move forward and not do things in the same old ways. The same old ways of thinking has done nothing at all for Haiti and its children.

It is time to make changes and it starts in the mind.

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My opinion is this. whenever this guy goes back to...

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Opinions vary.You want to see Jean Bertrand Aristide...

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