I wonder if they are going investigate the live internet...

Tet Kale - March 1 2011, 8:08 AM

I wonder if they are going investigate the live internet debate and charge his camp 20,000 US dollars per each person he interacted with. May be his twitter, facebook and livestream grids should also be investigated.

I want him to be fined 1million dollars for pulling his pants down and showing his ass, and 200,000 US dollars for farting while he was in live debate with Mirlande, Yon Neptune and Leslie Voltaire.

In fact let us investigate if it is legal to wear pink in public, and some more fines and investigation to find out if everywoman likes a Tet Kale byen du.
I want an investigation to find out how many women are going to wear pink underwears this March 20th. During March 18th, 19th and 20th all woman who wear pink underwears to Haitian parties will get in free. The guys will get in free with free drinks if they bald their heads.

En ale Tet Kale.

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you are so funny tet kale, y dunt u proclaim the wknd...

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