Is Candidate Michel Martelly In Trouble With The FCC?

Automated Calls Made By Michel Martelly Campaign Under FCC Investigation - Did you get any automated calls to you cell phone last year with Sweet Micky's voice asking you to vote "Tet Kale?" Well.. So did the U.S. Military base at Fort Bragg... They thought is was a terrorist threat, they had to evacuate, and they were not very happy about it.

Sweet Micky Officially Candidate For President Of Haiti

Now it looks like Sweet Micky maybe in trouble with The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for breaking the law.

The Miami Herald reports...

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is investigating last year's series of fervent campaign "robo-calls" by Haitian presidential candidate Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly...

... In the weeks prior to Haiti's November election, anyone who had ever placed a call to Haiti received a string of pre-recorded calls from Martelly... the list included countless Haitian Americans, journalists, non-profit groups and the U.S. military...

La loi est dure mais, c'est la loi!

Michel Martelly, perhaps we should say his campaign, is in violation of The U.S. Telephone Consumer Protection Act which has specific rules for automated pre-recorded calls. Read the full article here: The FCC is investigating Haiti campaign calls

Penalties are $16,000 per violation... O yer... 16 mil dola U. S.

Now Sweet Micky will change his Mon Colonel song to this...

Mon colonel, mon colonel...
S-on ti apel mwen t-ape fer...
si ou vle fe apel mwen di fo-w peye...
16,000 dola...


Should Michel Martelly become Haiti's next president, what do you think will happen to all these charges?

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PHOTO: Haiti Election Ballot - A voter votes for Martelly in the 2010 Presidential Elections   President Martelly Autobiography   Wyclef Jean, Michel Martelly and Charlito Baker at a Post-Election Manifestation in Haiti   Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat   Michel Martelly - Anba Rad La - Album Cover   Sweet Micky Officially Candidate For President Of Haiti   President Martelly Meets Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide   Michel Martelly Antonio Sola Karibe Press Conference  

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All Comments (46)

Ambeau Stanford says...

thats really
the change can come but a really change will by the blood of christ now we see MICHEL as a potential president cause no has an other face a face to his candidature tours
inthe now he his the haitian

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Marie says...

ou kaka avek salopri

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Lloyd says...

Tet ayitien cho.
FCC=Federal Communication Commision.FCC is an american agency that regulates
communitions in USA.Do u think they are going to invade Haiti?Are u stupid
or simple?Haiti is already occupied indirectly by USA through United

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Mandm Enco says...

Mary PaLave diol

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Marie says...

michel martelly+idiot+immorality+drug

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Swit Bwa Nan Atlanta says...

U r so correct.

I am even certain that Mrs. Perfect Angel Manigat has forgiven the Toro for some of his acts.

I ask God for forgiveness for all those priests and pastors who have raped and fingered so many of our young girls.

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Sweetmakos says...

Michel Martelly "Sweet Micky" will be the best president for Haiti...

Haitians are unforgiven, they keep thinking about Martelly's past as a musician and thinking that he is a bad person...

People make mistakes and do

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Patricia says...

If my grandmother was alive she would said:sa se pawol granmoun.Fire up!fire

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Max H Raymond says...

miki mwen avec ou tet kale men you mot poum fe soidizan moun debien yo femin
diol yo yo ba ou tout nom pote.Mwen pa connen si yo va compren proveb sa qui se you realite nap sevi avec youn lan nom yo ba ou pou nou di yo ou consacre ou men Michel Joseph Martelly SE FUMIER ANGRAIS TERRE D, HAITI.


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L Union Fait La Force says...

Josy they dont want haiti to rise again but im sorry for them in the name of jesus HAITI PAP

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