Roger, Wow, this is a surprise. Tell Jeanine i said hello and...

Ronald Altieri - March 1 2011, 7:54 AM

Wow, this is a surprise.

Tell Jeanine i said hello and hope that her daughter is doing fine with her ballet.

Well, as to the not receiving calls from telemarketers, and i suppose non-telemarketers also, i have that info and it is where a person can register not to receive from call from this or that person.

One thing that i do want to clear up in this message is the fact that i had inadvertently written -in my last message, that this is a new generation and the old have not done nothing for us - what i meant to write was the OLD WAYS OF DOING BUSINESS HAVE NOT DONE NOTHING FOR US. Lord knows that i would not your dear aunt Yvonne to think that she did nothing for me in picking me up from school while my mom was at work.
I know that you know me better than that, but i had to clear for the other readers.

I will give you a call later early evening or so.
A quick note about Michel Martelly, it is written that some will not be appreciated in their own counry.

It is also clear that some are more interested in why he showed his butt, then they are in seeing the vision in his his mind.
I say that that a vision of the future is better than the illusion of the past being new.
Time proves everything.


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Ronald thank you for your insight. The majority of...

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