Cpt.d! Cpt.d! Cpt.d! Your reply to my post reflects, not only...

Tiba - February 26 2011, 6:07 PM

Cpt.d! Cpt.d! Cpt.d!

Your reply to my post reflects, not only the precise level of your arrogance, but the level of your political ignorance and immaturity.

Cpt.d, this is politics and not a fairy tale.

Of course, I used "I" singular because I do not represent the whole 9 million Haitians.

I am not their spoke person.

Here you are pretending to represent the entire population while you are only a supporter of Mirlande Manigat.

This is exactly the kind of arrogance attitude Haitian people don't want and need. This is why the people will send grandma Mirlande to a nursing home where she belongs to finish her last days on earth.

I can tell that you're nervous and very scared of change but with or without you, Haitians will finally experience the change they have been waiting for.

Cpt.d, you've accused Sweet Micky as being against books, but isn't true Sweet Micky has a free education for ALL in his government programs?

Beside, what good does it do to educate the people and have no jobs waiting for them when they're graduated?

Oh, I got it! after graduation they will cook the books to feed their families and the will pay their rent and buy food with the books.

Cpt, d, haven't you heard the ol'saying "Pale franse pa di lespri pou sa?"
Speaking French all day and all night to show one's education level is a thing of the pass; a thing of the 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s. The Haitian people don't fall for that crap anymore, they have wised up. So, Mirlande Manigat can take her Ph.d degree/diploma she got from Sorbone and use it to write bed time stories to her grand children because Haitians of today do not want anything to do with it.

This is a new era. In this 21st century, not only Haitians want to be educated, but they want jobs. They want electricity on their streets and in their homes.

They want an health care system accessable to all. They want drinking/running water.

They want a solid infrastructure, etc. etc..,

Cpt.d, the Haitian people in Haiti want to get off diaspora welfare system and become self-sufficient, and therfore, they want jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

Mirlande Manigat doesn't understand the needs of the people and never has because she showed it when she was living in the National Palace.

Sweet Micky has been with the people for decades.

And even though he doesn't have a Ph.D from Sorbone or from Harvard, but he still can speak enough French that even my illeterate cousin can understand while no one can understand the French Mirlande Manigat speaks.

She speaks a French that people have to spend a lot of time looking up every word in dictionary.

But worse, she doesn't even understand her own French because she uses too many nonsense big words in order to show that she's got a Ph.d, and therefore, everybody lost in the translation.

Even the monkeys can understand Sweet Micky.

You cannot run a country where no one can understand their leader, and even worse, cannot relate to their leader.

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"I don't care about the past" this is you speaking...

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