"I don't care about the past" this is you speaking (singular...

Cpt.d - February 26 2011, 11:24 AM

"I don't care about the past" this is you speaking (singular 1st person) this is your personal opinion that reflects the way you operate, then you continue with "we need to think about the future of Haiti" Sane people who think of the future of Haiti will NEVER vote for Sweet Micky, they'll vote for Mirlande
You are free to do whatever you want but people with good judgement, commen sense will look at candidate Sweet Micky and say no, no way this guy past is a mess from what he said himself, to what we learn and what is yet to be exposed.

For those who haven't seen or read Micky's dark past they include; his own word heavy daily drug use, $1000 crack cocaine, promotion of immoral values in public, his lust for men, his desire to have sex with King Kino and Allan Cave, cross dressing, stripping in public, obcenity, his distate for books just to name a few. What about all the allegations of his association with drug lords, brushes with the law?

"we don't need a Bandi Legal"
What about Bill Clinton, does he care?

On October 1994 US S while former US envoy Dante Caputo was negociating with the military lead by Cedras who overthrew Aristide.

The US S Harlan County came to Haiti with a peacekkeping group but was prevented to dock when Micky with a group of FRAPH militia threatenined to riot at dock side. They chanted anti-US slogan, took their guns and shot in the air. (I'll go into more details and referrence next time) Clinton was infuriated and ordered our troops to come clen the house...

You don't care about Micky past, that you, but "We" is plural, that implies others, We care about Micky's pas. We will not elect him president.

This would be wreckless and foolish on our part. Haiti is not Disney World.

Have a great weekend.

Peace be with you

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michell martelly will be the nex president i dont...

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