First and foremost let me apologize to you if I sounded...

Cpt.d - February 26 2011, 10:48 PM

First and foremost let me apologize to you if I sounded arrogant.

Political ignorance and immaturity, no my dear. I know politics is not a fairy tale this is why I will not trust Sweet Micky to lead a nation.

Show business, carnival, outdoor concert, bal masque yes, but not serious business.

Regarding the "destate for books" Sweet Micky admitted during a televised interview that he hates books.

For your info look at :sweet micky drug
Nothing personal, I like Michel Martelly.

I'll be short and sweet Micky friend yes, president no.

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Cpt.d! Cpt.d! Cpt.d! Your reply to my post reflects...

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Cpt.d, Your point is well taken! what kinda books are...

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