What I would like to add here that Caricom Leaders are...

Max Mills - February 25 2011, 8:11 PM

What I would like to add here that Caricom Leaders are planning a form of strategy here to participate in the reconstruction of Haiti in form of a disguise as good neighbours but to get a piece of the pie.The real culprit behind the scheme is P.J.Paterson .Preval believes in this man but yet he is a big hypocrite .Paterson is encouraging the Caricom leaders to do their best before is to late. Because other countries might be priorities than them. For the Jamaican soccer I do believe they were afraid of Haitian' side, to qualify they have to find a way to discard the team and get the free way.I hope Preval will stick on that and ask the prime minister to apologize for not helping but aggravating the situation worse for Haitians.

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