NO, and it is a big joke. They do not like us for so many...

Josy - February 25 2011, 6:25 PM

NO, and it is a big joke. They do not like us for so many reasons, and I believe the Jamaicans are jealous of us. Haitians know how to dress, and we have good taste.

We are poor, but classy and always want the best of everything.

I have been to Jamaica, because I wanted to see with my own eyes what the big brouhaha was all about and I did not see the big difference.

I also been to Grenada, and Dominica.

I understand now Dominica is prejudice toward us, and was not impressed by their country.

The other issue with CARICOM is retirement benefits, and if you work in several islands during your lifetime you can collect social security based on all those incomes.

I have been to the Dominican Republic also, and while getting my hair done at a beauty parlor this lady asked me in Spanish where I was from because we were speaking creole.

I replied that I was Haitian, and her answer in Spanish "Tu es una Haitiana "fina".

I almost lost my right foot in the Dominican Republic, and had to say several Hail Mary to control myself.

I have fair skin, and had a perm so my hair was long. I understood her comments, and she knew I was pissed off. They are all jealous of use, because we have class and good taste.

We also do not kiss "butts", and are extremely proud.

An elderly Haitian lady in Brooklyn purchased a few limes in one store, and she then did not put them in a bag or had a receipt.

It is a common thing in New York, and you only get it if you ask for it. She then went to a Korean fruits, and vegetables store next door. The store owner claimed she stole the limes from his store, and the poor lady did not speak English.

She could not say look let's go next door, and confirm my purchase there.

The Korean slapped her, and took her limes.

Haitians picketed the store, and protested.

I want to make a long story short, and the Jamaicans sided with the Korean against the Haitians.

We eventually had to stop the protest, and nothing came out of it. I personally never had a positive experience with Jamaicans, and lived in New York for 21 years.

The poor negros think they are British, and better than us. I love Bob Marley, and have dreads.

I do not pretend to be Jamaicans, and hate it with passion when young Haitians are trying to imitate Jamaicans.

There are nothing to copy from them, and my sons would never wear a green suit with red shoes.


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