Cpt D, Thank you for your humility. Please know that it is my...

Ronald Altieri - February 19 2011, 12:19 PM

Cpt D,

Thank you for your humility.

Please know that it is my philosophical approach, in posting on this screen, not to get involve to the point of personalizing exchanges.

I, therefore, tend to venture in different directions to either enhance my learning experience or to probe that of others.

In that passion I feel for communication, to the extent that I explore it, i feel as if my humanity is being nurtured to a more enlightened level.

Well! One thing for certain, I find whatever interactive ingredients i can find to spiritually nourish my mind and i move on. To each his own - so to speak.

Stop looking so serious, relax.

It is in that frame of mind that i sent you my message last night.

But there is a certain element in your messages that pulled me back to reply by sending you this message.

Earlier, it came to mind that Schwazzie is a non-fictional political figure that is said to be a serial misogynist with a history of sexually harassing women.

Some have said that at the age of 28 he was an abusive affair with a 16 year old. Early in his career he posed for nude pictures, and considered making extra in the gay pornography business.

Schwazzie had admitted to using marijuana, and is now for legalizing the drug. He has stated that marijuana is not a drug, but is a simple leaf. He has also admitted to using steroids, and some questions exist in the very possibility of him selling and providing others with illegal steroids.

Still on Schwazzie, two African descent bodybuilders have accused him of making strong and insulting racial comments.

He openly supported Kurt Waldheim, the former UN Chief and Austrian Politician who took part in Nazi horrors during World War. His name was on Mr. Waldheim

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