Sadly josy could be a good and decent writer if she or she...

Mitch - February 15 2011, 9:52 PM

Sadly josy could be a good and decent writer if she or she bothered to seek the truth.

It is late I have to go to bed. Let me just ask him or her a few questions.

What money is he talking about when it comes to Aristide?

Does he or she understand the game being played on the political arena?

Can one tell me one good decision from France and or the US about Haiti that has worked to the advantage of the Haitian masses?

Some Haitians have swollowed the lies just as a way alleviate themselves of their guilty conscience or just because they are unable or unwilling to see the truth.

You have elegantly explained out how baby Doc could not be guilty for the crimes of his regime because he was a minor.

You are very fervent in detailing with a pervasive dexterity and attention to details the unproven so called crimes of Aristide.

Since you are Haitian let me finish with this. Un vampire, un vampire tu es si hideux qu'en passant la main sur ton visage tu as pu ressentir ta laideur.

good night! Paix aux hommes de bonne volont

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