As I said before Aristide is a bit Jealous of J.C.D 's return...

Max Mills - February 15 2011, 10:13 PM

As I said before Aristide is a bit Jealous of J.C.D 's return to his homeland.

He shed some crocrodiles tears to make people have compassion for him. I told you there is going to have a showdown in the city at three o'clock.

If one takes times to read the lawyer's statements there is smoke there, there is point fingers on J.C.D., also on US for sending Aristide on exile.

There are too many mix signals here. In the beginning of the letter he mentioned that Aristide wants to return as a citizen who wants to get involve in the Education.

Why then he said as I quote "The danger is not only from his impunity, but the threat of a re-legitimization of Duvalierism

34; go donw to the last lines ...Aristide was ousted, democracy will be strengthened when he comes back, not weakened." That is what I am always trying to say from day one I never like the man. He never was fit to be president and will never be in my eyes. Because by telling lies that doctors advise him to go back to Haiti for his eyes to be cured my foot. That is too low for a former president.

Haiti is not only the tropical country in the world, oh if he spend another winter in South Africa he will be blind my foot.Then here is the result of his want to come back to Haiti to help rebuild the country.

My brothers and sisters beware of whom is coming as an Angel of Peace but inside is the Devil himself.

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