Thsi is Ablerooster. Mr. Altieri, I extend to you my most...

Ablerooster - February 3 2011, 4:04 PM

Thsi is Ablerooster.

Mr. Altieri, I extend to you my most abject apology.

I misinterpreted your post, and responded without giving the matter a fair degree of thought.

I absolutely meant NOTHING threatening, but rather felt threatened myself.

If you are a Christian, then I know you believe in peace, as do I. I can't join the Marines; I'm too old, but I did serve in the Army during the early '80's. Again, I am sorry.

I want no confrontation with you. All I want is to see a Vibrant Haiti emerge from this mess. Yes, I possess a mind that can be changed also....

and several bloggers on this site have been changing it! I do not want to die an ignorant old man with a clouded mind. I enjoy blogging with all of you. Keep up the good work Ronald.

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Raymond, I consider myself a very relax minded...

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