I am not worthy of your very kind message, and i will accept...

Ronald Altieri - February 3 2011, 7:10 PM

I am not worthy of your very kind message, and i will accept it only if you accept most sincere pardon for not thinking clearly on the meaning of your words.

I believe we are both in a better place with our messages.

Isn't that wonderful?

Look! If you don't stop smiling i will not tell you the joke i heard earlier.

Well! Since you can not stop smiling, i can not tell it to you.

By the way! I was having some haagen daz mango ice cream before i read you wonderful message; you should try some when you get a chance.

Let's move on! Please.

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Thsi is Ablerooster. Mr. Altieri, I extend to you my...

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Ron, that ice cream sounds good...I just had a couple...

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