Raymond, I consider myself a very relax minded individual who...

Ronald Altieri - February 2 2011, 5:36 PM


I consider myself a very relax minded individual who is willing to learn from his mistakes.

I have an open mind to look at the different emotions that one can have toward a particular issue.

I, like many others, play our little games here in the hope of finding ourselves on the same path, as we advance toward a mental stance that the youth of Haiti can benefit from.

Given that statement it was unfair, to say the least, that you decided to answer my complimenting email to you with the following:

This is Able Rooster.

What do you mean?

It sounds almost like, "Wait for a bullet through your heart and head, and then scream."

Those kinds of statements, Mr. Olander, is exactly what we should be purging ourselves from. The statements we make toward our political figures who have caused so much pain is one thing.

But the ones that we make to each other, over this screen are another.

Your statement (read it again) is very threatening, and even over the internet that is not legal.

You know what i mean!

Anyway! I do not need your address or anything else, but we all need from you is a more less threatening statements, and you might want to look into where those statements are rooted.

Help us, if you can, to harmonize our discord over this screen.

There needs not be any lost of control, because that is exaclty what we are fighting against on this screen.

So, if you feel strong or ready for some serious action join the US Marines.

Or, you can just pray for Haiti and the world right after you read this message.

I am glad that you decided to to share your name, it shows some spiritual growth.

Now smile a little and relax, you are looking a little too serious.

Always In Christ,
Ronald Altieri

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Ronald, I am Raymond Olander. You obviously suffer...

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