Are Haitians in Haiti on the verge of become slaves again or instinct?

Garry Destin - January 26 2011, 12:31 PM

be very wary. If the is no real judge or lawyers to to keep the country in balance by protecting its constitution, it is a matter of time a group comes and set you back 200 years then it will be too late.
What baby doc did shows there is no law or constitution to apply.

Miniga and matelli don't know jack about the laws of the land or afraid to go across baby doc.
If they are afraid to face baby doc with the law then what can they represent?


It is a matter of time we all cry watching on TV how Haitian are being chained up and shipped else where like old days.
Guess what?

Baby doc, michel matelli, maniga, celestin will all tell you too bab we have lost the country and our liberty forever

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Woody says...

Hi Garry, your message was moved to the Political Blog instead. this seems a more apropriate site for the topic more »

Disciple Of Christ says...

Yes there is a law in Haiti, but the international communities need to stop put its nose in Haiti's business. Jean Claude Duvalier, Arisitde, and... more »