Yes there is a law in Haiti, but the international communities...

Disciple Of Christ - January 30 2011, 4:48 PM

Yes there is a law in Haiti, but the international communities need to stop put its nose in Haiti's business.

Jean Claude Duvalier, Arisitde, and all others are Haitians they need to live in their country and face justice or otherwise.

Who can ask exile for French, Canadian, US, and other superpower Countries.

Now they stole all the money he had/ has injected him with a life sentence vaccine to die. Dont let no one deceive you by the mafia, and Jean Claude Duvalier will never return to Haiti without the international mafia supporting him to go to die there.

The guy is sick and frail, as a 59 years old ex-president and dictator, he should look like a 30 years old young boy. Those are the voice of the mafia or brainless people get knowledge sucker.


Are Haitians in Haiti on the verge of become slaves again or instinct?

be very wary. If the is no real judge or lawyers to to keep the country in balance by protecting its constitution, it...

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