Jean Claude Duvalier is preparing his cabinet

Malfini-22 - January 26 2011, 1:44 PM

The situation is extremely grave.

According to a friend of a Duvalierist that have daily contact with Jean Claude Duvalier, Jean Claude Duvalier is regrouping and selecting people for his Cabinet with the guarantee that a contingency of the US Marines will arrive in Haiti under the guise of tourist to back him up.He will establish his National Palace in Montagne noire.

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Mari Claire B says...

Over 500 US military personnel are already in Petionville providing security to Jean Claude Duvalier according to source close to the Duvalier more »

L Union Fait La Force says...

if u dont have nothing to do just shut ur mouth keep ur news to urself more »

Richelle says...

Duvalier not in petion ville,he is in mt noit well inform before u tell ur story. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

lunion fe la fos. u shuld kip ur mout shut 2 more »

Disciple Of Christ says...

That is a damn lie. Duvalier, Jean Claude has been vaccined by France to die like they did to Butter Metayer in Miami Crome. Get knowledge you... more »