I am glad Jean Claude is back, ever since he left 26 yrs ago...

Bernard - January 19 2011, 7:51 PM

I am glad Jean Claude is back, ever since he left 26 yrs ago, we have had a bunch of losers and thieves as leaders, the country is in worst shape than it was when Jean Claude was there, we had an army, we had a fire dept., the hospital was working beautifully, how can anyone tell me that what we have today is better.

We have nothing, we depend on the international community for everything, the CEP organize elections with international money, how can they be so arrogant to say that they are not going to follow the sugestion of the AOS, we all know the election was a fraud and that Preval wants to put his son in law as president, until we have competent leaders, Jean Claude I believe after being away for 26 yrs. has realize that he made a mistake before and he is willing to fix it. What is the alternative?

Aristide God forbid! he made Haiti ugly in every possible way, let experience take over! after all dont think that the international community is going to fix Haiti with Jude Celestin, he not going to get a penny and we will still be in an ugly dirty country with no betterment in sight.

Wake up people stop dreaming, we are no longer independent we are an occupied nation.


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