Haiti Elections - CEP Says To Hell with OAS, Jude CELESTIN Aint Going Nowhere...

While Haiti is totally distracted by the DUVALIER news, Haiti's Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) issued a statement late Tuesday signaling that INITE Candidate for president, Jude Celestin, could go on to a second round election.

Jude Celestin Vs Mirlande Manigat

The Associated Press is saying that Haiti election officials are playing down the significance of OAS report regarding the disputed votes in Haiti.

"Haitian electoral officials say they are not bound by an international panel's recommendation to drop the ruling party's candidate from a disputed presidential race," AP says.

Mezanmi, this is the latest news.

Pandan tout moun ap di DUVALIER... DUVALIER... DUVALIER... Election ap fet an Haiti epi pa gen moun k-ap konnen...

You watch...


Why did Jean Claude Duvalier suddenly show in Haiti in the middle of a disputed presidential election?

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Able Rooster says...

This AbleRooster.

The problems of Haiti are too large to play the blame game. Otherwise, EVERYONE would share

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Lyonel Sterling says...

In a Democracy you are entitled to you thoughts.

Stop wondering about the thought of other people you might end up in wonderland.Jean-Claude Duvalier is a charismatic man. The people in Air France may be flabergasted by that charisma and did not look at the expiration date on the passport neverless he is in the motherland, his home and he's happy.

As far as his financial status you seem to be well informed and i would sugggest to you to start some fundrasing i your community to help. the most demorcratic president you ever had. I wish him well and await his return in France.

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Lyonel Sterling says...

I congradulate president Preval for having enough chromosomes to tell the OAS to take a hike.The election even with the minor problems or irregularity is a job well done according to Haitian Standards.

Every country even the United States encounter those kind of problems.

Remember Bush and Mondel?

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Marianne says...

They (Haitian govt) did know he was coming: Air France placed a call 3 hrs prior to landing that he was on the plane and on his way. Only a few knew, but they DID know - hence the small reception party, minus big political presence: Hands Off! (It was published the day after his

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Buzz Saw says...

Jn. Claude left with $166 millions spending $12million a year for rent only, he spent 26 years in exile that's $312 millions that he had to spend, minus what bank swiss froze on his accounts...

he came back to collect his pension he's broke

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Ayibobo says...

BREAKING NEWS: Jude Celestin is declared the winner of the Erection contest by the CEP members.

But he came in second, as the one that smiles the most during the Erections observed by the CEP hard heads.

This final decision was accepted by the the International Observers who filmed the whole thing by remote close circuit tv cameras.

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Bernard says...

Just a thought for those of you that are wondering why Jean Claude came back! If you are traveling overseas, you know that they look at your passport when you check in at the airport, how can the french ambassador say he did not know that Jean Claude was coming, give me a break! This was well planned, I perceive that Preval is going to be forced to travel very soon for his defiance and he will be gone for a long

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Bernard says...

I am glad Jean Claude is back, ever since he left 26 yrs ago, we have had a bunch of losers and thieves as leaders, the country is in worst shape than it was when Jean Claude was there, we had an army, we had a fire dept., the hospital was working beautifully, how can anyone tell me that what we have today is better.

We have nothing, we depend on the international community for everything, the CEP organize elections with international money, how can they be so arrogant to say that they are not going to follow the sugestion of the AOS, we all know the election was a fraud and that Preval wants to put his son in law as president, until we have competent leaders, Jean Claude I believe after being away for 26 yrs. has realize that he made a mistake before and he is willing to fix it. What is the alternative?

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Maleine says...

Jwet preval ap jwe se jwet vole jwet malin...

Ke bondye di yon mo pou

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Haiti Libere says...

mezanmi an sispann goumen pou moun ki pwal plen poch yo ann

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