You have made a good comment. See what you and few others can...

Earl - January 18 2011, 8:59 AM

You have made a good comment.

See what you and few others can do on your own to help provide needed security for construction crews to work in Haiti.

Also spread the word for all with computer to go and click on "contact" upper right of page and when form comes up fill it out requesting U.S. corps of engineers to construct new water and treatment plant for Port-au-Prince as this needs to be done before rebuilding starts and also needs to be done to prevent additional spread of disease.

The earthquake and bad water diseases should over ride any political considerations at this time and I agree we all need to come together for the sake of establishment of a new and better Haiti.

If you are an organization before filling out the form at (click "contact" upper right corner of page) then when the form comes up before you fill it out scroll to bottom of page and click "organization" which will get your message more attention.

Appeal to Obama as a black man who should help his black neighbors before giving $3 billion dollar yearly grants to israel to stir up trouble for U.S. in the Middle East.

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