Form constuction company to aid in rebuilding

Earl Wheby Jr. - January 17 2011, 9:29 AM

I propose we set aside political debate as politicians are limited in what any of them can accomplish and form a construction corporation here in U.S. made of of concerned Haitians living in U.S. as well as those like myself who lived and worked in Haiti and that we aim to produce what Haiti so badly needs now beginning with new water and sewer works then rebuilding of Port-au-Prince.

One of the main objectives will be to lobby the U.S. govenment and President Obama stressing to him his black heritage and asking for (lobbying for) U.S. aid and assistance as this is a massive rebuilding effort requiring professional engineering, etc. assistance.

All those interested contact me at facebook page for RoyalKingdom GreaterSyria and request friendship and send message how to contact you and your ideas for us working together on this project.

The health and welfare of Haitian people is at stake and the U.S. should help us especially when we approach them as a unified organization (corporation) which could also provide those involved with jobs, etc. Let us work together for the benefit of Haiti.

Most of the so-called civil rights organizations in U.S. now demanding prosecution of Baby Doc don't want to see the people come together and Petition the U.S. government for aid and assistance in rebuilding as they are jewish organizations worried it could mean less money for israel to stir up problems for the U.S. in the Midde East. Baby Doc only has left the trust his Mother set up for him and it was Ernest Bennett his former father-in-law and his daughter Baby Docs first wife who ran off with the money so there is really no money to be had from Baby Doc to speak of and all talk about crimes were handed down to the young Baby Doc at age 19 by the system established by his father Papa Doc. If he serves to bring peace and good will and to unitify the people of Haiti then he is now doing a good thing and we can do our part by forming a construction company and getting directly involved in what Hait needs most right now which is a new water and sewer company and this company should be run by folks like ourselves who care about Haiti and its best intrest.

Let me hear from you and we will begin as best as we can.

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Lakay Se Lakay says...

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Earl says...

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Earl says...

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