Jean Claude Duvalier return is a face saving for Aristide's return.

Pierre F. Lherisson - January 16 2011, 9:21 PM

The January 12th 2010 earthquake disaster and the current crisis in Haiti is a graphic and vivid testimony of past and current foreign policies by the big power toward Haiti.

They probably are trying to take some mid-course corrective action
After the Jan 12th earthquake most of the undeveloped and developing nation around this planet used Haiti as a show case to underline the policy of wickedness and the ruthless exploitation by the big powers to the poor nations.

As the dismal case of Haiti continues to reverberating around the planet, some of the current and former head of state or plenipotentiaries from the big powers visited Haiti after the earthquake and saw for themselves the end result of their policies or policies they inherited from their predecessors.

They probably realized that former president Jean Bertrand Aristide policy was right and it was an astounding blunder to overthrow Aristide.

To save face, they decided to return Jean Claude Duvalier aka Baby Doc first while Jean Bertrand Aristide is en route for the solution of Haiti.

So when Jean Bertrand Aristide will return to Haiti they will maintains that all the Haitian exiles are returning to Haiti and Aristide is not an exception.

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