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Database website lherisson.org is near completion.

On January 2nd 2011, on message 25677 at 05:14 P.M. on Preval blog, I promised to build a database website about Haiti and Haitians. The website is... more »

Le reboisement D'Haiti devriait etre place au premier plan

Est ce que les candidats a la presidence d'Haiti ont un plan pour le reboisement d'Haiti.Ils parlent beaucoup,mais ne disent rien sur le... more »

Candidate Mirlande Manigat meet with President Leonel Fern

The Haitian presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat arrived Monday Feb 14th in Santo Domingo to meet with President Leonel Fern more »

Aristide vs Adolescent doc

The following links represent a succinct analysis of the current political dynamic in Haiti current election. wordpress.com more »

Gerard Latortue magouyeur de predilection des Amerequins

Ce meme magouyeur continue de se comporter en requin meme en Afrique contre ses freres noires pour quelque miserable dollars. ivoirebusiness.net... more »

Dictators downfall -101

The person responsible for this more »

A double standard in justice-Does Might Make Right?

The death of this Pakistani woman illustrates the perception of a current malaise on a global scale. If Haitian, Jamaican, Dominican, Mexican or... more »

Petition for the return of the Honorable president Jean Bertrand Aristide

To sign a petition for the return of the Honorable President Jean Bertrand Aristide click on the following links: petitiononline.com... more »

Aristide arrived in Cuba

Presedent Jean Bertrand Aristide is in Cuba according to Radio del Sul laradiodelsur.com Aristide est more »

Latest news about President Jean Bertrand Aristide 01-28-2011

This is the latest news about president Jean Bertrand Aristide axisoflogic.com more »

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