Ronald, What would that do for Haiti and how would that help...

Tiba - January 15 2011, 2:39 PM


What would that do for Haiti and how would that help the Haitian people if/to know the salary of those in the government in Haiti?

How beneficial would that be to the people?

The question you, I, and everyone must ask is, what's more in important for the people right now, and in long-term?

Knowing what those in the government make is not what anyone really cares about.

This is one of the problems with what's wrong we us, Haitians.

We don't really quite know exactly what we want and what's best for us. And I think we, Haitians, try to hard to be like the Americans.

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Tiba - thank you for thoughtfulness on this matter. I...

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Tiba, Your point is well taken, and as earlier stated...

Ronald & Tibia, I have been back and forth on the...

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