Ronald & Tibia, I have been back and forth on the both of your...

Dada - January 15 2011, 9:59 PM

Ronald & Tibia,

I have been back and forth on the both of your opinions.

Personally I think both of you have strong points and a lot to say but my question is "Why is it like this?

What went wrong?

In my opinion what you said about the Haitian government operating in secrecy is true. If they were really there for the people our country would not have even been in this state of which it stands today.

I am a young Haitian and I know a lot of Haitians who would scorn you for even talking to them. This is ridiculous and I know that our so called leaders will stand on judgment day and exactly what their sowing in our country, they shall reap!

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Ronald, What would that do for Haiti and how would...

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