Tiba - thank you for thoughtfulness on this matter. I do think...

Ronald Altieri - January 15 2011, 1:15 PM

Tiba - thank you for thoughtfulness on this matter.

I do think you brought up a very interesting response; it shows perception.

But on the matter of your statement: "What you just presented looks as if US-government is not corrupt, which would be the an absolute idiotic believe of magnitude proportion.

Fact is, US-government is very corrupt.

Ronald, I want you to understand that what those in the government get paid has nothing to do with violence in Haiti."

No, Tiba! I was not saying that the US government is not corrupt; you and i already know that the US became what it is while riding corruption.

So, let move away from what you and i already know is an absolute idiotic perception.

And no, Tiba! I was not - in any way shape or form - saying or implying that the salary of the US Goverment Officials have something to do with the violence in Hait, but i was i was pointing out is that those salaries are there for the public domain to examine.

Whereas, in our culture, we do not have a clue as to what is going with salaries and etcetera when it comes to our Government Officials.

Pointing out the salaries was a way for me to get across to you and the other readers that there is an established transparency built in the system.

This involves knowing their income reported on their tax forms and etcetera...Well! Obviously i must have not done that as clearly as i intended to. I will be a little more attentive in the future.

Thank you!

So, in conlusion: "I appreciate your insightful assertion of my premise; it gave me a chance to illuminate the idea a bit brighter (can you see?).

And if somehow i took a turn into imbecility, inadvertently, i now ask you and the other readers to forgive me. I love learning no matter how it comes to my mind."

I am taking your advice and will be looking at my approach as to how i am pleading with my Haitian Sisters and Brothers to start solving our problems in the root of it; namely, to 'CHANGING OUR STATE OF MIND'.

I got it! I am also clear that intelligence does not belong to you and i, but i have faith that with our common sense we can help each other to move away from non-sense.

To start with - my name is is Ronald Altieri (as you should know) - What is your name?

Don't you think it would make sense for the readers to know your know. Ok! Forget that.

Now, let us get on with progressive ideas - present us something to move forward with; it is no good to stay with the same non-sense logic.

San communication nou nan fe noi - avek communication nou nan lumiere.

Nou supoze pale - en nou pale.

Response to:

Ronald Altieri, Nice try but it's a nonsense logic...

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