God is watching above us all and he knows how to send those...

Marleine - January 14 2011, 3:57 PM

God is watching above us all and he knows how to send those angels to protect his children.

If that statement is true then Jude Celestin and is stepfather are creating chaos in Haiti.

Thinking if they have Jude celestin gansters starting to protest against the result then they should come with another decision without Preval saying anything.

La vou'm pou yo

Money is not everything after doing all this protest and start killing innocents people at the end of the day you spent the money you drink and eat with it but you are continuing leaving in this corrupt country and the so call money is worthless to your needs.

Because each of us want to have a peacfull and beautiful country

We are stronger then ever and now the haitian people could see trough their little games...

what haiti needs is to be firm on making his own decision and capable of feeding it self.

We dont need those sousou pou pouvwa

Preval ak tout Jude Celestin se yon ban grangou yo pa janm rasazye...

Pa janm gin priye san Amen

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