Dear Tiba, Know that i am honored for you to have found my...

Ronald Altieri - January 11 2011, 9:43 AM

Dear Tiba,

Know that i am honored for you to have found my message to be in good light.

You must know that you inspired it.

And please allow me to point out the last paragraph of your reply to my message:

"I am disturbed about these idiots blaming Haiti's problem on voodoo because these people have no skills and expertise to build and create anything good in Haiti, and therefore, it become lots easier to wait on God to come down from Heaven and fix it all."

Tiba, a lot of of us feel your frustration on the issue of blaming Voodoo for Haiti's issues.

I, for one, would like to know what Voodoo is before i can blame it for anything (that is another issue).

Moving along! Whatever is going to be created in Haiti, must first be given life in the mind. So, i suggest that we use whatever frustration we have - with whatever issue - as fuel for positive movement.

For example: The tire of an automobile uses the friction to propell the automobile forward.

The airplane engine uses the intake of the air to move the plane forward.

I propose that we Haitians uses the social friction and the intake of the criticisms to advance our minds, people, culture and country forward.

You and i are already very clear: GOD HELPS WHO HELPS THEMSELVES.

Let us lock minds with each other and move forward.

Let us do whatever we can to make our ancestors proud.

Do not be overwhelmed by the so-called brain dead morons; they are taking away too much of your energy in thinking about them in your mind, you need your mind to think and dwell in more positive and creative realms.

Know that those so-called brain dead morons are like thirsty sheeps, so my friend, become a good shepherd.

Do not give thought to that which is evil, but stay focus on that which is good. You will enrich your spiritual power.

Tiba, orange juice can not be squeezed out of rocks, so let go of the rocks and find oranges that are not spoiled to the point of becoming brain dead morons.

God bless us!

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Ronald, I hear you and I agree with everything you...

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