Mm, all of uf must become Real Leaders of Haiti. We must...

Ti Manno - January 11 2011, 9:01 AM

Mm, all of uf must become Real Leaders of Haiti.

We must govern our lives with serious determination, strength, vision and respect.

We, as Haitiains, must be mindful that everything is a reflection of the Motherland.

Therefore, we must act responsibility by respecting others and their property; by acting with love and peace in our hearts towards every child and adult of every nationality.

In 1804 we showed the world the force thought followed by words.

Now we must use the democratic ideals to take our brotherhood and show the world that the poorest country in the wwestern hemisphere can become the richest in the spiritual sphere.

We can start embracing the 'goodness of love, because the 'badness of hate' has not done anything for us at all.

Today is a great time to think about the love that we can share with each other.

The love keu nou ka plante pou ti moun'yo recolte demain.

Today we can think about that our ancestors had for us; the sacrifices they made for us. But tomorrow, Wed-Jan 12, 2011 is the time to start giving that love.


Love one another!

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