LAST CALL FOR HAITI By Gauthier Saintilus

Gauthier Saintilus - January 11 2011, 3:49 PM

Hello brethren,

Regarding the presidential election 2010 in Haiti, The Inteernational Community will wait on OAS to make final decision.

People are skeptical and made a lot of negative comments about that issue.

I suggest that the OAS step down, and let Haitians make their own decision.

If they choose the right person to lead their country, may GOD bless them! If they select the wrong person or someone lest competent then preval, may the gates of Hell open widely for them!!! The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!

If the hard headed politicians and their blind followers were not too smart, so to speak, they would have taken the opportunities of this new year resolutions to reinvent Haiti.

Long time ago, I urged them to join with me and work together with a common goal, they refused to change!

I am sick and tired to exhort them about their belief, their leadership, their system of government, and their actions.

Since they refused to repent and return to GOD, they refuse to stop practicing voodoo( superstition), they refuse to listen to GOD's salutary advice; it is finish!

From this impoverished Island, soon or latter, the LORD will sweep off the wicked politicians, the pharaohs, the usurpers, the pirates, the kidnappers, and the blind followers.

Nevertheless, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob said, "enough is enough for Haiti!" He will deliver Haitians from their political struggles likewise He had delivered Israel from bondage in Egypt.

The scenario might be different, but the same Power will be manifested on that island as He will.

Haiti, my homeland, return to GOD now for the good sake of your offspring! He is the same yesturday, today, tomorrow and forever! He is compassionate and sloww to anger If you repent now, He will restore and heal your land. Read Second Chronicles 7:13-15.

Since 1804 still today, 207 years of Independence, you reject the Creator of the universe! you repent not! Today is your last chance.

It is finish!

God leads and bless haiti.


Gauthier Saintilus

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