Max and Ronald, I do agree with you both especially Max. It is...

Marise Leon - January 7 2011, 4:05 PM

Max and Ronald, I do agree with you both especially Max. It is not by chance that QUATAR got to be chosen over the United States of America.

FIFA is not only looking for the game but also it is interested in the development of third world countries as long as they have the infrastructures in place.

The bid is quite high (close to $50M which is nothing for those Haitian Investors) but if we can provide at least 35,000 hotel rooms equipped with world class technology, portable water, stadium (55-75,000 seats in capacity) to watch the games and other stadiums (about 32) to train the teams, well maintained and multi laned roads, all-inclusive resorts with gradable stars, clean beaches, shopping malls, airports, touristic sites and other venues, good and clear communications, public transportations including railroads, well staffed hospitals and a large convention center (see Acapulco Convention Center in Acapulco, Mexico) with built in Multilingual Translation Management.

Chech this book out by Blondson "HAITI 2030 and Beyond", Contact: (917) 975 8362 and email: blondsonmaxi at to learn more. Guys, everything is possible for Haiti.

We just have to put our heads together for progress not for destruction.


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Dear Ronald You have made my day today, for the first...

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