Dear Marise I read your comments carefully and i realize you...

Max Mills - January 7 2011, 8:27 PM

Dear Marise
I read your comments carefully and i realize you also have great visions for Haiti .The point I want to touch today is the transportation.

Do you realize it is pert of our culture or would you like to see that form of culture to go on in the next 20 years, that tap-tap transportation needs to go. We need modern transportation on the street, later, how would you feel if one of our leader comes to tell us we need to accept it because it is our culture.From now i would say no way.You said you have been to Acapulco, you realized how beautiful the place is and were proud to be there just for the experience ok.The same way we can imagine having a beautiful place like this at home not too far than Jacmel, au Cap-Haitian, or somewhere you can imagine.

We have lands, build beautiful roads as you said, beautiful infrastructures and the rest will fall into place.The government has to step up first .They need to lead the way .They will never lose.Our government is to sluggish or they do not know what to do.That is why i am saying we going to suffer for a while until someone comes to power with some visions like yours, Ronald 's, mine or some other thinkers like us to decide to put them into light and share them. They (government) need help. Someone has to direct their eyes to this site in order they can read our visions, emotions, fears and so on. (se mwen ki di'l)

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Max and Ronald, I do agree with you both especially...

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